Intelligent video

axis_m3014_smallWe strongly push the use of IP cameras. These cameras have an adaptable level of intelligence and will work according to our quality standards. By pushing the intelligence in the camera, we will be able to build greater camera networks, not facing the limits of an analog camera system.

The use of IP cameras also broadens the horizon by offering megapixel resolutions.

Some cameras will even pass audio and i/o triggering through the same IP mesh used for the video.

10 reasons to buy an IP camera

  • Exceptional image quality: An image that is always sharp, even during motion detection.
  • Easy cabling: Power supply, audio, motion commands and alarms flow through the same IP mesh as the images, facilitating camera placement.
  • Superior image resolution: More than 5 times the resolution of an analog camera for an image that is 5 times more detailed.
  • Built-in intelligence: The camera detects motion immediately, sends alarm signals and facilitates the search of events, offering more efficiency and reliability.
  • Economic cabling: UTP cable is up to 5 times cheaper than coax cable.
  • Quality of service: The distance does not affect the quality of the image and is unlimited.
  • Unique digitalisation: The unique digitalisation directly from the camera gives high quality images no matter what the means of visualisation are.
  • Secured communication: Secured communication via a VPN tunnel or HTTPS and this from wherever you are in the world
  • Flexible infrastructure: Simple and economical, assuring you unlimited flexibility from a technological point of view as well as in terms of expanding your solution.
  • In short: Higher quality and lower total costs.

Building management

We support all kinds of identification techniques. Our controllers offer several recognition techniques among which badge reading and fingerprint reading. Here again, we promote “full-IP” hardware. The use of Power over Ethernet guarantees an easier installation and an uninterruptible system. In case of existing readers, we can convert the credentials and users to our platform using IP-controllers.